Managing Client Expectations: A Lesson in Avoiding Disgruntled Clients & Lawsuits

In a service or product-based business, appropriately managing your clients' expectations is one of the most effective ways to avoid legal discord. In fact, a best business practice is to

UNDER-promise and OVER-deliver.

While it may be tempting to commit to a quick turnaround or quote a competitive rate to land a new client or account, be sure to allow yourself adequate time and resources to complete a project and exceed client expectations. Of course, extenuating circumstances may arise that will prevent you from meeting your obligations. It is of utmost importance that you communicate these issues with your client as they arise.

It is also advisable to maintain a record of your work relating to the project. This way, if a client were to ever question your commitment to completing your obligation, you are able to demonstrate your time and efforts which will likely go a long way towards diffusing a potential conflict.

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