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I have written agreements executed and on file for every independent contractor, vendor, employee, intern, affiliate, client and essentially any person/business with whom I conduct business. *
I have established a business entity that is appropriate for my business practices and adequately protects my personal assets from the debt and liabilities of my business (LLC, C Corp, S Corp, etc.). *
I have a docketing (tracking) system for maintaining my corporate structure and meeting my annual and/or quarterly filing requirements. *
I have a Terms of Use & Privacy Policy that is specific to my industry and business practices featured on my website. *
I have conducted a search to determine trademark availability and registrability of the names of my business, products, programs and services. *
I have a registered trademark for the names/logos of my business, products, programs and services. *
I have registered copyright protection for my most valuable work (videos, text, art, music, etc.). *
I comply with advertising compliance regulations (i.e.: CAN SPAM, contests, testimonials, affiliates). *

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