Imagine how much easier it would be to run your business if you had an attorney to answer your legal questions and help you when you need it.


I know what you’re thinking: “I could never afford that.”


As an entrepreneur, it seems like an unbelievable luxury, doesn’t it?


Someone to answer questions that come up everyday like:

·      When do I need a trademark for my business, products and services? And how do I get one?

·      Someone is copying my blog posts and content. What can I do?

·      How do I form a business entity to avoid possible liability?

·      Am I protected by just putting the © (copyright symbol) on your website and materials?

·      When should I consider copyright registration and for what? How do I go about this?

·      Are my contracts protecting me?

·      How do I go about sending or responding to a cease and desist letter?

·      My client won’t pay me. What can I do?

·      What do I need in each of my client agreements when I sell varied types of products and services? 


It’s actually far from a luxury (because it can make a difference of thousands of dollars and even your reputation if you are not protected).


It’s an absolute necessity. And surprisingly, it can be completely affordable.


If you had access to an attorney for even a few phone calls and emails each month, how much would you expect to pay?


A full-service law firm partner would charge you upwards of $400 per hour (likely more if you were on retainer) plus extra for legal secretaries, associates’ time, and even the copy machine would cost you money. In total, you’d be paying thousands.


Instead, what if you could have an hour each month with an attorney who specializes in working with entrepreneurs and knows the in’s and out’s of small businesses like yours?


What if she were there for you to answer an email or pick up the phone whenever you have a question or need help, for up to an hour every month?


What if, rather than being nickeled and dimed for every email sent and copy made, you simply had a flat fee – one that you’re happy to pay because of the peace of mind it provides?


All of that is absolutely possible, at a value that you can’t find in the legal industry.


If you’re ready to have the peace of mind that comes from having a legal team at your side and on your speed dial...

Get Your Monthly Visionary Legal Advisory Now!


Up to one (1) hour each month for three (3) months of one-on-one phone calls and emails for only $250 per month (or $600 paid in full - an additional $150 savings) valued at $1050.

Unused time will roll over each month for up to one (1) year after the date of purchase.

Peace of mind around your business for months to come.

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Photo by Jeremy Bales

Photo by Jeremy Bales

Hello  and welcome! I’m Julie Shavalier, Founding Attorney of Shavalier Law, an Internet-based law practice designed to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In 2012, after suffering from a myriad of stress-related health setbacks, I stepped away from my work in Corporate Litigation Support relating to Asset-Backed Securities in pursuit of a career more closely related to my lifelong passion for service, education and empowerment.

I soon embarked on a number of entrepreneurial ventures in the field of Holistic Health & Wellness (as my increase in awareness and knowledge of these issues were instrumental to my improved health).

My business partners and I observed a significant lack of affordable and accessible options for legal services, as well as a desire among entrepreneurs for more streamlined and modern representation.

I began to be approached by a growing number of women in the Holistic Health & Wellness (authors, educators, holistic health practitioners and brick & mortar holistic health practices) community seeking legal advice on their entrepreneurial endeavors and as a result, developed a thriving side legal practice.

I felt impactful and totally invigorated by helping other women actualize their dreams on their own terms.

I am an attorney in the states of New York and Florida, although I have clients across the United States, and an active member of the Business Law Section of the New York State Bar Association. I was honored to have been recognized at the 2013 Brooklyn State of the Borough Address for my pro bono efforts on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the Brooklyn Bar Association's Volunteer Lawyer Project.


“I have had the awesome pleasure of getting to know and work with Julie. I don't know about you, but when I think Lawyer, I don't necessarily think someone as amazing, friendly and accessible as Julie. I highly recommend her. In my opinion, it's never too early to get a solid legal foundation for your business.” –Molly Ola Pinney, Founder and CEO, Global Autism Project


“As a newcomer to the creative entrepreneurial world, it is of upmost importance to build a team that creates a foundation built on trust.  Julie is highly intelligent, motivated and most importantly, trustworthy. I am looking forward to growing my business in the years to come with Shavalier Law." –Claire Widman, Illustrator