Are you an entrepreneur or business owner grappling with how to establish and maintain a solid legal foundation for your company? Does the mere thought of parting with your valuable resources for an untold number of billable hours or navigating boiler-plate legal document websites leave you feeling completely drained and overwhelmed?

You are not alone.

Peace of mind is a very real currency and the expense of this burden is a depletion in your creativity and confidence, both of which are invaluable to your personal and professional success. 

As a business owner and serial entrepreneur, I GET IT.

I understand the fears and uncertainty inherent in the risks you’ve taken and I most sincerely applaud you for appreciating the value in bringing an experienced attorney onto your team.

Shavalier Law is passionate about supporting visionaries in business.

I help people like you create the space and freedom you need to dream big and feel impactful by protecting the business you worked so very hard to create.

All with complete transparency, integrity and ease of accessibility.

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